Markets Doncaster Pride 2018

Trading Day Saturday 18th August 2018
Places are limited for this event, so it is advised to apply as early as possible.
I understand that by falsifying any details on my application, it will render it invalid and no refund will be paid out.
Once a Stall application has been applied for and paid in full, no refunds will be paid out.
We are unable to accept bookings from stall holders offering adults or children's games or any form of gambling where prizes are offered for a fee.

Stallholder Insurance. Public Liability Insurance:
Part of the booking with ourselves requires each stallholder to have Public Liability Insurance Policy Schedule that must provide a minimum of £5,000,000 which covers for events i.e. away from your own premises. A valid photocopy of your insurance certificate is required, within 14 days of your application as part of your Terms & Conditions. Please send us a copy of your certificate showing that it covers you for Doncaster Pride event. Please use the upload button on the application form to do this. Also, please make sure that you have this certificate with you on the day of the event for inspection if required.

Food Hygiene Certificate. If a stall holder is selling food of any description, you will be required to upload a Food Hygiene Certificate that will be currant at the date of Doncaster Pride (18 August 2018). Please use the upload button on the application form to do this. Also, please make sure that you have this certificate with you on the day of the event for inspection if required.

Loading/Unloading. Only one stock vehicle is permitted within the Market trade site area while unloading and loading.

Stall Structures. Stallholders must provide their own stall and must not exceed their designated pitch of 3m X 3m, also you will need to provide your own tables and seating as Doncaster Pride will be unable to do so. When using temporary structures such as gazebos, awnings or tents the exhibitor must make sure it complies with health and safety standards. This is due to health and safety implications such as high winds, trip hazards with cables etc.
Weights MUST be used on all structures.
There will be no exceptions to this term and condition.
It is your responsibility to provide them. Failure to do so will make you unable to trade on the day.

Hours of the Market Stalls.
  1. You will be allowed to setup you stall on the day of Pride from 9am.
  2. You must have set up your stall by 11.30 am on Pride Day.
  3. All vehicles must be removed from the market trading area by 11.30 am.
  4. You will be able to pack up your stall from 6pm, but no vehicle access is allowed on site. You will not be able to drive your motor vehicle on site before the event ends. Please do not attempt to leave before 6pm as this will contravene the Doncaster Pride Event Management Plan and Risk Assessment which have been submitted to the local authority licensing department.

Your Stall.
  1. Please ensure all items on your stall are appropriate for Pride i.e. not depicting any homophobic, hetrophobic or racist imagery etc.
  2. Items forbidden for sale are drugs and weapons including guns and knives. Sale of these items may result in you being requested to leave the market area. Due to the attendance of minors to this event, we reserve the right place stalls with 'adult' materials in a specific market area. We would ask the stall holders to ensure these items are stored behind a curtain and that the items are covered.
  3. Doncaster Pride cannot accept liability for any injury, personal or business loss that occurs as a result of your attendance to the event.
  4. You must not exceed your allocated pitch, encroach on to the pitch on either side or on to the aisles. Non-compliance will result in you being asked to move back in to your allocated area.
  5. No pre-erected stalls are available.
  6. If it is needed, you are required to provide your own lighting supply which must be PAT tested.
  7. If you are bringing a generator only diesel is permitted and must be of a quiet type. Appropriate generator safety certificate will be required for inspection on the day.
  8. Doncaster Pride Committee cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to goods on your stall, including acts of God and vandalism.
  9. Doncaster Pride Committee cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or vandalism to any equipment and vehicles at the event. Vehicles and equipment are left at owners own risk.
  10. If you are selling food of any description, you are required to display food contents and warnings of possible allergies.

Car Parking. None will be provided at the Doncaster Pride event.
Parking of your vehicles must be done at one of the nearby car parks at your own expense.
Any vehicle irregularly parked in the event site or obstructing any exit must be moved immediately otherwise it will be at risk of being clamped and a release fee will need to be paid.

Prohibited Items. We cannot allow under any circumstances traders to sell:
  • Knives or anything that could be construed as a weapon or replica weapon.
  • Any illegal or controlled substances.
  • Food, snacks, soft drinks, ice cream, alcohol, cigarettes or tobacco products of any description without written permission from the committee.
  • Any illegal copies of records, CDs, videos or tape recordings.
  • Candles, can be sold but must not be lit.
  • Hand held torches, flares or wands which may constitute a fire hazard or cause injury to any person.
  • Laser pens or other laser equipment.
Any Exhibitor found selling these products will be removed from the site and no refund will be available.

Explicit / Adult Materials. You must inform us at the time of booking if you intend to sell, or display, any materials or products classified as 'adult' or 'explicit'. We reserve the right to refuse applications of this nature.

Disputes. In the event of any disputes the Doncaster Prides Event Director's decision is final.

Applications. All applications for Trade Space should be submitted on the online booking form at No Stall Space can be guaranteed until The Organiser has returned a confirmation letter or email and all payment for Stall Space have been paid in full.

Security. Exhibitors shall be solely responsible for providing security for their own Market Stall, Exhibition or Trade Space.

I confirm that I have read and understand all sections of the Terms & Conditions.